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Loreto is considered a "fishing village" so much of the town evolves around the fishing.  Fishing and snorkeling tours can be arranged through different agencies.  Whale watching tours are also available. There is also an 18-hole golf course; 72 par, 6,800 yards which proves to be very challenging. Our local University and tour agencies offer different excursions throughout the year to explore cave paintings, ranchos and missions in the area. 


Restaurants are in abundance in Loreto.  From the "street taco" stands to elegant dining, anyone can find the cuisine they fancy.  Traditional Mexican food is common but also American, Asian and Italian dishes are featured on many menus.


There are a few "discos" in town.  Mostly frequented by the young at heart. Currently, Loreto does not have a movie theater. However, some establishments offer special sporting events like American football, baseball, fights, etc.


Taxis are plentiful in Loreto or you can rent a vehicle while here.  Cars and jeeps can be obtained from the local car rental agency.  If you prefer to drive the Baja, it takes about 16-20 hours from the border.  You must purchase special car insurance if you wish to drive.  Loreto is a fairly small town, therefore walking is always an option. 


Connections to Loreto can be made via Los Angeles. Currently, the airlines are Alaska Air and Aerolitrol (AeroMexico). The airport is less than five miles from the city.  Taxis are waiting to transport passengers for a small fee.


Security is not a problem.  Crime is very low in Loreto and there is a very visible and active police force.


Bancomer and Banamex are the only banks in Loreto. They are located in the heart of downtown by the square.   You can exchange Traveler's Checks for the Mexican Peso inside the banks or use your ATM card which is very convenient.

Properties Of Loreto


Loreto (LO-RET-OH) is a tranquil village located 700 miles from the border and 350 miles north of Cabo San Lucas.  Located just 218 miles to the south is the capital city of La Paz.  Loreto uses the Mountain Time Zone (same as New Mexico).


Originally the area was inhabited by five tribes of Indians before the Jesuits settled it in 1697 and built the first of 17 California missions.  It was the capital of the Californias (both the U.S. and Mexico) for 133 years.

In 1795 Chinese commercial fishermen considered Loreto one of the best places on Earth to catch fish.  The Chinese influence can still be seen today. 


Today, Loreto is a burgeoning small town with U.S. and Canadian citizens proudly calling it their 'second home'.  To date, Loreto's population is made up of 80% Mexicans, 15% Americans, 4% Canadians, and 1% other nationalities.


The weather in Loreto corresponds to typical the northern hemisphere weather, i.e., Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.  Jan/Mar (Winter) avg. H 75 to L 55; Apr/June (Spring) avg. H 80 to L 65; July/Sept. (Summer) avg. H 90 to L 80; Oct/Dec (Fall) avg H 85 L 75.  Water temperatures change along with the air temperatures but not exact.


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